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Future call for papers:
 Buddhism and the Environment   and    Yogācāra Practices

The founder, editor, and publisher of Blue Pine Books, Venerable Dr. Chanju Mun (ordination name: Seongwon), passed from saṃsāra in 2017. We had planned two volumes for the near future as follows.

1. We received approval to co-edit papers for a special section on "Buddhism and the Environment" to be published in the journal ASIANetwork Exchange. We hoped to also create a Blue Pine Books volume on this topic.

2. We planned to issue a call for chapters for a volume on Yogācāra Practices, a long-term personal and academic interest we shared. While yogācāra philosophy deservingly receives some publication attention, although not enough, we thought a volume focusing on such issues as yogācāra bodhisattva actions, yogācāra meditation, as well as the histories of specific yogācāra traditions would be a useful and interesting contribution to the field as well. Of course these articles would be informed by yogācāra philosophy.

Venerable Seongwon (Dr. Chanju Mun) speaking at Tongdosa temple. I propose completing these as A Festschrift in Honor of the Work of Chanju Mun. This could be done either as a Blue Pine Books volume (which is not-for-profit) or as a publication by a university or other academic press. If it is to be via Blue Pines Books, these two things are needed: (1) publication funds and (2) a qualified editorial board.

Please send inquires and suggestions to Ronald S. Green at Blue Pine Books remains committed to publishing quality academic materials and to promoting the high standards of our academic advisors, friends, and communities.


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